Need high precision miniature screw machine parts? You have come to the right place; the internet’s home of one of the oldest and best miniature manufacturers in the world.

Our expertise centers on the production of very small turned, tight tolerance, threaded products that are largely turned away by most screw machine companies.  All of the miniature screws, miniature nuts, miniature rivets, miniature studs, miniature bushings, miniature pins, optical screws, optical nuts and nano products that we manufacture are turned products. Most of the threaded products we manufacture feature rolled threads or formed threads. Using 75 high precision screw machines Heil Screw Products produces millions of tight tolerance parts every year.  The diameter capacities of our machinery range from 1/64 or .5mm to 3/4” or 19mm.  We specialize in parts that have diameters under 3/32 or 2.4mm. With an array of secondary capabilities and processing abilities, we have the resources to supply many products that most manufacturing companies cannot.  Heil Screw Products can supply high precision miniature screw machine parts enhanced with custom color thread coatings, nickel plating, gold plating, blackened, anodized, mellonite hardening, heat treating and custom packaged.  

For customers who use a large amounts of parts and want a relationship with a just-in-time manufacturer, we can design a supply program to fit your needs.  We also welcome inquires on shorter jobs runs and offer prototype design and production assistance. With runs from just 5,000 parts to millions of precision parts, we will provide fast deliveries and quality service.  You may Request a quote right online or contact our friendly staff to help you get started.

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